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Oral Care For Children

Oral Care For Children

Prediction of better dental care for your kids: Most of the fewer years of age children will have invisible primary teeth. As children grow up it is a vital part to take care of their dental health. The proper oral care for children below 5 

Healthy Kids Dental Habits

Healthy Kids Dental Habits

Why is dental health habit an indispensable factor for kids? Some conditions affect the teeth which are unique to the children and which should be monitored carefully by the parents. Primary teeth keep your child’s jaw straight and hold the space for adult teeth. The 

Dental Tips

Dental Tips

How to deal dental problems for teens:

Practising good nutrition and good dental health is extremely required during teen years. With the help of new dental technology, they are several treatment options in all the dental care clinics. Sometimes it takes a reality check to help teens to understand why they are making them go in to consult the dentist. But in a while, many of the teenagers care about their dental care routine that fixes into their busy schedule. One of the best dental tips for teenagers is not only brushed or flushes the teeth every day, but also should visit a dentist at least thrice in a year.

When kids become teens, they take a good unhealthy food which causes bad defects for the teeth hence there are various obstacles they face to maintain good oral health as follows,

1. Play it safe:

Some of the Teens who play sports can cause oral injuries but teens can but they can prevent those injuries by wearing a mouth guard while performing sports games.Whether the mouth guard is custom-fitted by dentists or bought at a store, one should keep it clean by rinsing it often and storing it in a ventilated container.

2. Avoid piercings:

People with mouth or tongue piercings can easily chip their teeth while sleeping, talking, eating and chewing. Hence the fracture can be confined to tooth enamel and require a filling which can lead to tooth extraction.By avoiding licking tongues and cleaning the piercing with warm water regularly can prevent bad breathing and other infections such as blood borne hepatitis.

3. Make time for healthy habits:

Teens usually take quick meals in the form of fast foods, soda candy and other junk foods which cause permanent damage in oral and other overall health.By taking healthy snacks like vegetables, fruits, low-sugar drinks like organic tea, coconut tea and also brushing after eating such snacks can help in maintaining good health.

Tips for proper oral cleaning to maintain good dental care:

  • Dentists say that the minimum time spending on brushing your teeth twice a day with some following procedures,
  • Handle your brush at a 45-degree angle against your gum line and gently brush from where both gum and teeth meet the chewing surface in short strokes. 
  • Use all the same procedures to brush all outside and inside surfaces of your teeth until you feel free from plaque and build-up gems in the tooth areas.
  • To clean the chewing surface of your teeth, try to use short sweeping strokes by tipping the bristles into the pits and crevices.
  • By using the forward-sweeping motion, gently brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth to destroy the tooth decay-causing bacteria that exists in these places.
  • Make sure that the time taking for brushing your teeth must be at least 2-3 minutes to complete the entire brushing process.
  • After brushing you should floss gently to remove the gums and food particles deposit on your teeth while you brush.
  • After brushing carefully insert the between the teeth, using forth and back motion by bringing the floss to the gum line.
  • Should curve the floss around the edge of your tooth in the shape of C and slide it up and down the slide of each tooth.
  • Repeat this procedure between all your teeth and don’t forget to floss the backsides of your back teeth.

Bottom line:

Maintaining a good and regular oral health followed by every dental procedure is essential for every teenager. The regular caring and cleanings not only keeps the teen bright and shiny, they can also guide minor problems before they become worse. 

Oral Care

Oral Care

Hygiene aspects of dental care: A practice of keeping a good dental or oral care in daily routines is essential to maintain healthy teeth. The Waterford city which is known as Waterford crystal famous for making Glass was providing best services in dental care treatments. 



What is the play of orthodontics? Orthodontics is a part of dentistry who is concerned with manufacturing the alignment of teeth. The orthodontist in Crest mead suburb of Logan which is located in the city of Queensland Australia was providing the best orthodontist services. The 

Mini Dental Implant: Is It The Right Choice For You?

Mini Dental Implant: Is It The Right Choice For You?

Loss of tooth is one of the most common dental problems for people. And dental implants are the primary choice for both dentists as well as patients when looking for restoration options. The natural tooth-like functionality and excellent success rate are the key reasons for the significant popularity of dental implants.

Even though most people have a fair idea about dental implants, many of them are sceptical about mini dental implants and their applications. If you are planning to get dental implants in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, you should know about mini dental implants as well. Your dentist may be suggesting a mini dental implant after the initial consultation.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are the slightly smaller versions – both in diameter and length – of traditional implants. Compared to traditional implants, these implants have a simplified and less invasive procedure. This means that you will get a quick recovery and immediate use of the prosthetic.

The mini implant procedure is completed in a single visit, as you get the dental crown also on the same day of the procedure. It is also a choice for people who want to get a more comfortable treatment experience.

Who Can Be The Candidates For Mini Implants?

Dental implants are suggested to patients who have low jawbone density. The lack of sufficient jawbone to fix a traditional implant into jaws is a major challenge in dental implant procedures. For such patients, mini implants are their choice for restoring their smile.

Before the introduction of mini implants, patients with low jawbone density had to go for bone grafting to grow bone in order to receive the implants. The procedure needs a few months for healing and recovery, and therefore not a convenient choice for many patients.

On the other hand, mini implants are small in length and diameter, and therefore they can easily be fixed to jaws with insufficient bone density. Mini implants are also an excellent choice for people who can’t tolerate or receive complex dental procedures.

Benefits Of Choosing Mini Implants

Mini implants give you a number of benefits apart from the mentioned above. The other major benefits of the restoration procedure include the following:

  • No food restrictions, as the procedure is completed in a single day
  • Less pain and discomfort due to the less invasive procedure
  • Suitable restoration option for elders due to the simplified procedure
  • Low risks of complications due to the procedure

Also, mini implants cost nearly half of traditional implants. Therefore, it is an affordable choice for patients who want tooth restoration.

Risks Associated With Dental Implants

Mini implants are relatively new; therefore, the durability of the restoration option is not studied in detail. Due to the small size, mini implants are not as firmly fixed as traditional implants, and you may find it less supportive compared to the latter. Therefore, you choose mini dental implants only when your dentist recommends it.


Mini implants can give you excellent durability with proper care. It outweighs all its disadvantages when recommended by your dentist and becomes your primary choice for tooth restoration

Fill in Gaps or Change the Colour and Shape of Teeth

Fill in Gaps or Change the Colour and Shape of Teeth

Dental veneers are usually placed over the front teeth for aesthetic purpose; to allow changes to the colour and shape of the teeth that ruin an otherwise great smile. A veneer will do little to strengthen a heavily restored tooth, but can mask minor chips 

Dental Implants – A Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

Dental Implants – A Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

Teeth that are lost through decay, gum disease or trauma, can now be completely and confidently replaced with implants. The technology for implants has been developed over the last 30 years and offers a fantastic solution for people who would otherwise have to contemplate a 

Easy & Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal In Melbourne

Easy & Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal In Melbourne

The third set of molars located at the back of your mouth is called wisdom teeth. Most often, they are known to create dental issues for many people. The issues such as lack of space for its proper growth and development, growth in the incorrect direction, and much more impacts the other teeth with lots of pain. In this case, the only option left for you is to make your dentist remove the wisdom teeth to save the other teeth.

Usually, the wisdom teeth develop between the ages of 18 to 25 years, and sometimes you also require x-rays to spot its growth. Wisdom teeth cause four types of issues to your mouth.

  • If your wisdom tooth develops in the wrong angle, it presses the other teeth and sometimes damages them.
  • If your wisdom teeth do not develop in a healthy way, it can get trapped in your gums or jawbones. It’s very painful for you. You need to remove those teeth for relief.
  • It’s a natural problem that your jaw has not enough space to support the growth of an additional set of molars.
  • You may experience cavities or gum disease around the wisdom teeth.

Bay Street Dental Group offers advanced services for wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. We use x-rays to examine your wisdom teeth and decide whether the removal is required and also the difficulty level of the teeth removal for better dental health and relief. If we find that the improper growth of your wisdom teeth is damaging your teeth structure or creating any type of infection and pain, we take the required step to remove it safely.

In many cases, the wisdom teeth extraction or removal requires the application of local anaesthesia. We also do the surgical extraction at our clinic to ensure the safe removal and the protection of other teeth.

After the removal of the wisdom tooth, our dentists put sutures on your gum for quick healing. As a specialist in wisdom tooth removal in Port Melbourne, we recommend the patients to make a follow-up visit after a week of the extraction.