Easy & Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal In Melbourne

Easy & Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal In Melbourne

The third set of molars located at the back of your mouth is called wisdom teeth. Most often, they are known to create dental issues for many people. The issues such as lack of space for its proper growth and development, growth in the incorrect direction, and much more impacts the other teeth with lots of pain. In this case, the only option left for you is to make your dentist remove the wisdom teeth to save the other teeth.

Usually, the wisdom teeth develop between the ages of 18 to 25 years, and sometimes you also require x-rays to spot its growth. Wisdom teeth cause four types of issues to your mouth.

  • If your wisdom tooth develops in the wrong angle, it presses the other teeth and sometimes damages them.
  • If your wisdom teeth do not develop in a healthy way, it can get trapped in your gums or jawbones. It’s very painful for you. You need to remove those teeth for relief.
  • It’s a natural problem that your jaw has not enough space to support the growth of an additional set of molars.
  • You may experience cavities or gum disease around the wisdom teeth.

Bay Street Dental Group offers advanced services for wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. We use x-rays to examine your wisdom teeth and decide whether the removal is required and also the difficulty level of the teeth removal for better dental health and relief. If we find that the improper growth of your wisdom teeth is damaging your teeth structure or creating any type of infection and pain, we take the required step to remove it safely.

In many cases, the wisdom teeth extraction or removal requires the application of local anaesthesia. We also do the surgical extraction at our clinic to ensure the safe removal and the protection of other teeth.

After the removal of the wisdom tooth, our dentists put sutures on your gum for quick healing. As a specialist in wisdom tooth removal in Port Melbourne, we recommend the patients to make a follow-up visit after a week of the extraction.